Patrycja Wojtak – Historic Military Institute Fund Chairman


humanities graduate, content-related support and project originator.

Has many year experience gained in other organizations where she was responsible for lead projects, events organization and performance, activity, animation and social-cultural projects

creation. She likes people and help others, which causes great pleasure, and at the same time gives energy to further work. Free time she spends on travel and uncovering history and secrets of Lower Silesia.


Natalia Wójcik – Historic Military Institute Fund Vice-chairman


Silesian University graduate and National Plastic Secondary School, organizer of events – theaters and artistic groups performance, runs educational blocks helping children and youngsters in uncovering secrets of history as well as unfurl their interests, connecting education with play. In free times she gets engages with photography and artistic creation.


Fund aims and principles:


Educational activity, scientifically-educational with essential question regard about historical subjects, military and sport promoting as well as healthy life mode.


Popularize historic knowledge.


Cooperating with public administration organs in scope of education.


Dissemination of positive polish army history portrait.


Care about Polish character and national consciousness development in scope of history, art, technique and military architecture.


Popularize Polish character in scope of knowledge about society, history, sport and health.


Support national tradition.


Protection of military technique monuments.


Protection and objects restoration as well as historic and antique vehicles, with essential regard to military technique.


Undertaking every actions concerned with exhibits gaining.


Caring for possessed exhibits gathering.


Support and persons promotion (authors, artists, scholars) engaged in initiatives concerned with national military heritage protection.


Activity for finding lost culture goods.


Organization of trainings, meetings, camps, conferences and relays for lovers of military technique relics, history, sport with regard to handicapped persons.


Cooperation with defensive auxiliary formations and reserves.


Helping civil institutions on circumstance of impulsive disaster pronouncement as well as

catastrophes and carrying out practices in that case.


Popularize physical culture and sport, with regard to motor sport.


Educational activity supporting professional development of youth and adult.


Popularize cultural and sport forms of free time spending.


Promotion of cultural attainments of Polish regions and local community in country and abroad.


Promotion of touristic and historic values.